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Asthma Home Visiting Program

This program is offered only in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

Program Benefits

In this free program, two health educators from Salt Lake or Utah County Health Department will come to the participant's home for 3 in-home visits lasting between 60-90 minutes. Participants will also receive two follow up calls 6 and 12 months after completing the program. Priority is given to those that have severe or uncontrolled asthma. Each in-home visit provides asthma education specific to you and your home.

  • Visit one: Participants will learn more about how to manage asthma. Topics include: asthma symptoms, triggers, medications, inhaler technique, and asthma action plans. Participants will make a plan to improve asthma control.
  • Visit two: Participants will walk through the home to identify asthma triggers, then make a plan to reduce these triggers.
  • Visit three: Participants will review progress on controlling their asthma and reducing triggers.

What Is Provided To Participants

  • One-on-one asthma self-management education.
  • An in-home assessment to help reduce asthma triggers.
  • Eligible participants may be referred to local housing agencies for assistance with remediating asthma issues in the home.
  • Participants may also receive a pillow and/or mattress cover to reduce dust mite exposure.

Resources & Programs

Visit www.health.utah.gov/asthma for more information.

Additional Resources

Utah Department of Health Resources:

  • The Utah Asthma Program works to improve the lives of those with asthma by increasing access to guidelines-based medical care and linking those with poorly controlled asthma to additional services.

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Contact asthma@utah.gov


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